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E for Everyone: Mild Violence

Worms Blast Gcn

Also On: PC, PS2, Mac

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Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Ubisoft

Fall in line for fast, furious firefights with Worms Blast. Your mission: launch your Worm marine into hostile waters and blast your way to survival. Go head-to-head with a friend in a barrage of gameplay modes and mini-games. Recruit your Worm from a crazy corps of cartoon grunts with serious delusions of grandeur. Worms Blast puts your mettle, reflexes, and blasting skills to the ultimate test. Are you ready soldier? Then move out!

Game features include Wacky Weaponry: Shotguns, Bazookas, Mines, Laser Beams, and Sea Monsters; Explosive Power-ups: Double Damage, Sailor's Delight, and Fish Food; Torrrential Weather: Rain, Wind, Solar Eclipses, and even Cosmic Showers; 8 Head-to-Head Modes: Deathmatch, Survival, Star Collection, Tide Trial, Don't Drop 'Em, One Line For 2, Star Race, and Fight.

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