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True Crime: Streets of L.A. Cell

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Genre: Action

True Crime: Streets of LA for wireless platforms is a top-down action game, fairly evenly split between driving and shooting missions. After a quick in-game tutorial that teaches you the basics of driving, shooting, carjacking, and using the map, you're dropped right in the middle of downtown Los Angeles. Now, the LA of this mobile True Crime: Streets of LA isn't as pinpoint as the console game - in fact, it's not really even close. However, if you look around the boxy blocks, you'll see the LA flavor - occasionally glitz surrounded by ugly sprawl. Players use an easy-to-read map system to get around town. Your goal is always noted by a little green dot on the edge of the screen that lets you know the general direction to drive/run. Your display also reveals the amount of remaining health, bullets, cop rating and mission time.

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