TransWorld Snowboarding Box Art
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TransWorld Snowboarding Xbox

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Genre: Extreme Sports
Publisher: Infogrames

While it's true that everything that goes up must come down, it's the ones who come down in style that count. That's what you'll be doing in TransWorld Snowboarding - barrelling down the packed powder slopes at breakneck speeds while pulling off insane tricks, jibs and grinds on the quarter- and half-pipes, snow kickers and ramps. This is no bunny trail; you'll have to look out for steep cliffs, downed trees, ice blocks, and all manner of other mountain hazards. Choose from ten snowboarder pros and outfit them in the latest gear from real manufacturers such as Oakley and Volcomhit. Then hit the powder in real locations all over the world. Developer Housemarque has harnessed the power of the Xbox's graphics hardware to produce an extreme snowboarding event that's poised to give SSX a run for its money.

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