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The Incredibles 3D Cell

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Genre: Action
Publisher: Disney Mobile

The Incredibles 3D zeroes in on a few action scenes from the movie and transforms them into multi-stage levels. You will visit the jungles of Syndrome's island as fat Bob to dismantle an Omnidroid. Help Dash escape from a system of tunnels. And finally, help Bob re-overcome another fine-tuned Omnidroid that's tearing up the city. All in a day's work for a family of superheroes. He game will remind you of the classic Crash Bandicoot titles. Your character is always on the move, either running toward or away from the camera. You must constantly keep batting away obstacles or jump over them lest you fall too far behind. As Bob, you are smashing guards or jumping over fallen girders. Each hero has their super skills put to use, such as Dash' ability to run across water or Bob's outrageous strength.

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