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Super Fighter Block Battle Cell

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Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Super Fighter Team

Super Fighter Block Battle is an action/puzzle game for mobile phones. Picking up where the story of Super Fighter left off, the game features challenging puzzles to solve - all while enduring the heat of supercharged street brawls! Exciting features include story and practice modes, progress saving, a two player Bluetooth face-off and individual character endings!

The object of the game is to clear as many lines of blocks from your side of the screen before it fills up or you are knocked out by your opponent. With each line cleared, your chosen character will attack your opponent, both causing damage and unleashing garbage blocks onto their play field. Thus, games can be won or lost based on two completely different and seperate factors: the amount of blocks on the screen or the amount of damage that a character has taken. Luckily there are special, flashing blocks that will heal you if you can clear at least one line with them. {\n}In the story mode, you will face off against computer controlled opponents. After each victory, you are given the opportunity to save your game. If you choose to save, you can continue your progression at a later time, even after the phone has been shut off. However, you may only save one game at a time. With each new game saved, the previous save is lost. Also in this mode, each character has a unique ending sequence. If you'd like to battle against a friend, try out the two player mode. Both players must have a copy of the game installed on their mobile phone. Connection is made through the Bluetooth wireless service; one player must choose to be the client and the other player the server. Once both players have chosen their characters the game will begin. A practice mode is also offered, the goal of which is to see how many lines of blocks you can clear without interference from an opponent. At the start of the game, the starting level can be selected. This is an endless play mode that has no ending sequence.

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