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Strifeshadow PC

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Genre: Real-Time Strategy

In this 2D fantasy land, the murder of an Elven king leads to war between elves and humans. Both races become cursed with the elves developing intoDark Elves, and humans turning into the undead Accursed. The forest-dwelling Sylvans also gets involved in the conflict. The magical substance Aether fuels construction and summoning, and is collected with special towers and then must be transmitted back to the headquarters. The minerals Ikon and Arikon must also be managed. Thirty standard and magical units like Gremlin Grenadiers, Shade Tyrants, and Tainted Wisps do your bidding. Interesting features include the importance of unit facing to determine its vulnerability to attack and the synergistic action of several spellcasters to complete the more devastating spells. To promote community around the game, players can record their games, take part in automated tournaments, and use a complete editor to make new scenarios.

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