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T for Teen: Animated Violence, Mild Animated Violence

SpyHunter Gcn

Also On: Xbox

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Genre: Racing
Publisher: Midway Games

Piloting a high-speed racer known as the G-6155 Interceptor, you'll try to stop an evil plot before it hatches on an unsuspecting world. If you've ever played this classic coin-op-cum-platform game, you'll love the combination of time-honored an all-new elements contained in this explosive package. The game's basic format is the same: You speed through the streets, hunting down bad guys and avoiding their gunfire, spiked tires, and crazy driving. All the while, you'll utilize the periodic arrivals of a weapons van to outfit your vehicle with oil slicks, smoke screens, and other creative firepower. What's new is that the action takes place in total 3D, there are some new weapons to collect (flame throwers, rail guns, and more), and you'll have two objectives for each of your many missions, creating a multi-layered experience that's worthy of today's platforms. There are three multiplayer modes, and you even get the original "Peter Gunn" theme by Henry Mancini.

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