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Spiral Episode 1 iOS

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Genre: Action
Publisher: Pixel Hero Games
Game Website: Open

Spiral Episode One is the first part of a new, unique action adventure game trilogy, that truly brings the full experience of console gaming to iOS, with beautiful 3D graphics, exploration and real time combat. All controlled with a unique ‘one touch’ gesture system.

Spiral Episode 1 Screenshots

  • Spiral Episode 1 iOS Screenshot/image/74756/11bce2d522ffe52148e7418083855a5d.jpg?s=200x125
  • Spiral Episode 1 iOS Screenshot/image/74756/d6790de25554d953c352125fb92678dd.jpg?s=200x125
  • Spiral Episode 1 iOS Screenshot/image/74756/bf9ed0f9f4d50ada31c1a420553cc85c.jpg?s=200x125
  • Spiral Episode 1 iOS Screenshot/image/74756/ae46fee1b252fc8c893d18e336739e45.jpg?s=200x125
  • Spiral Episode 1 iOS Screenshot/image/74756/9ecdce914bc67d19ecc6dfb440c8769a.jpg?s=200x125
  • Spiral Episode 1 iOS Screenshot/image/74756/7de97177365e71601f2ebf545591179e.jpg?s=200x125
  • Spiral Episode 1 iOS Screenshot/image/74756/4f006469047ea792e788e4e4afb5fe35.jpg?s=200x125
  • Spiral Episode 1 iOS Screenshot/image/74756/2ba07fc497fa32d1dfc273ffb792a30c.jpg?s=200x125
  • Spiral Episode 1 iOS Screenshot/image/74756/248fe437980a277aa828bdbebef64b21.jpg?s=200x125
  • Spiral Episode 1 iOS Screenshot/image/74756/ddc57ac6b814d3950ce887492aae342b.jpg?s=200x125
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