Space Invaders Box Art
E for Everyone: Mild Animated Violence

Space Invaders Gba

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Genre: Action
Publisher: Activision

That's right: SPACE INVADERS! This long-running fan favorite is back, and it has every bit of the glory that you remember from the original arcade version. For the uninitiated: Troops of violent space creatures who travel together in packs have descended on the earth. You're represented by a cannon that can move from side to side, and you'll have to take these alien suckers down one at a time, by firing single shots. Protected only be a series of three shields that degrade with each shot they take, you'll try to dodge the shower of bullets that the space invaders pour down on you, getting off your own shots whenever possible. While all of this is happening, the invaders are constantly descending, and your life will come to an end if they reach the bottom of the screen. A great example of how simple graphics and gameplay can yield a truly exciting experience; SPACE INVADERS is a classic that belongs in any library. Play alone or link up and take on a friend.

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