Shrek Extra Large Box Art
T for Teen: Comic Mischief, Mild Violence

Shrek Extra Large Gcn

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Genre: Action
Publisher: TDK Mediactive

Shrek is already out on Xbox but that doesn?t mean that Nintendo GameCube fans can?t enjoy the game. From TDK Mediactive and Digital Illusions comes Shrek. Based on the hit movie of the same name starring Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy, Shrek the game takes place shortly after the events that concluded the movie. Assuming the role of the ogre, players venture out on a quest to the Dark Tower Fortress to save the fair Princess Fiona from the evil wizard Merlin. Treading across last lands and battling the wizards dark minions, players set out in a game that features both side missions (hunting, searching and variations of hunting & searching missions) and visuals that almost perfectly mimic the movie.

Showcasing visuals that would stun even the most hardcore of gamers and large immersive environments, Shrek is a game that both fans of the movie and casual gamers alike can enjoy.

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