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Separate Estate PC

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Genre: Action
Publisher: Phenomedia AG

Poor Mr. Smith. Not only will his job one day take him to his grave, the person formerly known as his wife is working towards that, too. This divorce will cost him an arm and a leg, not to mention his mental health. And what does he have to witness after another day in the hell called office: he's being robbed by removal men, his ex-wife and her lawyer. Does this woman never get enough? This is the final straw for Mr. Smith. "That's it! She wants separate estate? Then that's EXACTLY what she'll get!" And then he unpacks his chainsaw...

The player's task is to see to the separation of the estate. Literally, meaning: saw everything to pieces! But naturally a chainsaw has to be refuelled. And the removal men, the lawyer and his ex-wife are a pack Mr. Smith should avoid at all costs. Luckily, they're all scared away by the saw quite easily. You think this kind of separate estate is a little harsh? Just be glad this couple didn't have any children.

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