Sentou Kokka: Kai New Operation Box Art

Sentou Kokka: Kai New Operation PS2

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Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten

Six years after this war simulation series debuted on the original PlayStation, publisher Kadokawa Shoten is bringing back Sentou Kokka with an update for the PS2. Originally published by Sony Computer Entertainment in Japan, this war simulation series featured real locations and battle scenes from World War II, the Korean War and other well-known wars. Of the three games, Sentou Kokka - Kai was particularly popular amongst gamers, and serves as the basis for this PS2 version, Sentou Kokka - Kai - New Operations. Kadokawa Shoten has brought back the original staff members for this update. The developers have created new maps for the campaign mode as well as new army units. Some large scale maps that weren't included in the original due to the constraints of the format are now fully realized on the PS2. In all, 40 missions are featured in the game, all playable freely once you've passed them in campaign mode.

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