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Seaman PS2

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Genre: Simulation
Publisher: ASCII Entertainment

One of the Dreamcast's oddest games is heading for the Playstation 2. Seaman (preferably never pluralized) lets you control an aquarium filled with the oddest fish you've ever seen. They've got the body of a goldfish, but the face of a human. Your job is to allow these little critters to grow among the various hazards of the aquarium. As time goes on, the fish will begin to speak to you, and have a reputation for not really very kind to their masters. The creatures know how long you've been playing (or not) and will demand attention they feel they've been neglected. On the whole, Seaman is a one-of-a-kind game. The Dreamcast version had a microphone you could use to interact with the fish, but so far there's no word on if this feature will be included in the PS2 version.

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