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E for Everyone: Suitable for Persons Ages Six and Older

Rules of the Game PC

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Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Infogrames

Your head is crammed full of sports trivia. You know batting averages, uniform numbers, and Roger Clemens' shoe size. Well, forget it; none of that will help you here.Rules of the Game is a sports trivia game presented as a game show, and the questions are only about rules. You're quizzed about the regulations governing several different categories of sports: Pro and College Basketball, Pro and College Football, Pro Baseball, Pro Golf, and Miscellaneous (everything from horseshoes to hockey). Spin for a category, and answer one of over 1,500 multiple choice and or true/false questions. There are also a handful of trivia minigames. Your host is Joe Banks, who reads the questions and offers commentary, and who can be turned off. Up to four players can compete.

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