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Release Date:
Genre: Platformer
Publisher: Electronic Arts

Rhythm is a music-based platform game where players battle evil forces utilizing various musical styles as weapons to advance, conquer and defeat their enemies. In the game, the player assumes the character of Rhythm. The object of the game is to return the Platinum Record back to Rhythm's hometown, Melody. The Platinum Record holds the key to the enjoyment of music for all ages. Rhythm fights enemies who seek to rob the world of music, through the various tools in his arsenal. Players switch between different genres of music, which have a dramatic effect on the landscape according to the genre's characteristics. Strategic players gain new abilities and secret knowledge along the way. Players traverse ten worlds in their ultimate quest to rescue the Platinum Record and return the beautiful gift of music to the village.

This game was created by Dan Slutz of Canton, Ohio, as the winning entry in the 2009 National Invent-A-Game Challenge, a national competition for America's youth to create their own video games. This contest was sponsored by Best Buy and Electronic Arts Inc. in association with The United Inventors Association (UIA) and By Kids For Kids (BKFK); the game will be produced and distributed by Electronic Arts.

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