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Reiner Knizia's Samurai PC

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Genre: Board
Publisher: Klear Games

Assume the role of a warlord vying against your rivals to unify Japanese civilization under one central authority. Obtain pledges of loyalty from representatives of the noble, clerical and peasant feudal castes by courting their allegiance of these social groups one city at a time by promising military protection, offering favors or resources to specific castes or sending merchant ships to encourage trade in the region. Place resource tiles on the map in spaces adjacent to the cities and villages that contain representatives of the social caste(s) (represented as pieces on the game board). Once sufficient influence has been exerted on the cities, you, or your opponents may be awarded a pledge of loyalty from the population. In essence, a vote in your favor in the contest to become sovereign! The game concludes when there are no more pledges of loyalty to win.

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