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Genre: Action
Publisher: TopWare Interactive
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Fleeing from the famines of Europe, young Christopher and his family sailed to the brave new world, looking for a fresh start. But old grudges and new dangers await them in the shining tropical paradise, and a sudden outburst of violence takes both Christopher’s family and his left hand in one blood soaked afternoon. The brutality of that day sticks with him, slowly driving him mad as he dreams of bathing in the blood of the men who killed his kin. Christopher is a man without a family, a purpose, or a future.

How you decide to play will have a direct impact on the world around you. Christopher has been teetering at the brink of insanity since his childhood was torn away from him, and it’s up to you to determine how his path will end. The more violent and depraved your actions become, the more you will influence the world around you. Both enemies and civilians alike will learn to fear you, sometimes with unexpected consequences. Regardless of whether you play as a badass or just a plain bad guy, Raven's Cry offers a variety of ways to win; it’s up to you to decide if Christopher reaches his goal with his soul intact.

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