Rampage: Puzzle Attack Box Art
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Rampage: Puzzle Attack Gba

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Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Midway Games

The RAMPAGE series takes a puzzling turn in this dazzling installment of the time-honored monster franchise. Classic beasts like George, Lizzie, and Ralph are along for all of the excitement, although there's none of the building-smashing action that RAMPAGE fans have grown accustomed to here. Much like TETRIS, the object of RAMPAGE PUZZLE ATTACK is to arrange a bunch of colored blocks as they fall from the sky. You'll be able to adjust the blocks by rotating them, and the hope is to create solid lines of like-colored blocks thus, causing those lines to disappear. The pieces begin to fall faster and faster as the gameplay progresses, so make sure you bring your reflexes and your thinking cap for this experience! Several modes of play keep the replay value high, and you can even save your progress with a password. Play alone or use a link cable to challenge a friend to a head-to-head match-up.

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