Propeller Arena: Aviation Battle Championship Box Art
T for Teen: Strong Lyrics, Violence

Propeller Arena: Aviation Battle Championship Dc

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Genre: Flight
Publisher: SEGA

World War II might be far in the past, but you can recreate the high-stakes aerial combat of the second Great War in Propeller Arena. Each renovated aircraft you'll pilot is an updated version of the planes that forever changed modern warfare back in the days of biplanes and war bonds. Each of the games awesome environments presents a different kind of over-the-top battles, and strong play will earn you upgrades and advancements of all sorts. You can try your luck against the computer's insane AI barrel-rolling through the skies and gunning down enemy fighters or get up to six players duking it out via an Internet connection. Real-time chat will make the online combat positively ruthless, as the trash talking gets seriously heated. Trick mode lets you earn points for performing aerial stunts; Race mode is a showdown with the clock; and Destruction mode challenges you to blow up virtually everything in sight.

Propeller Arena was to be released in 2001, but because the game involved flight and city flying, it was quickly shelved when events on September 11th made the game's content inappropriate for the times.

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