Pro Baseball Spirits 2 Box Art

Pro Baseball Spirits 2 PS2

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Genre: Sports
Publisher: Konami

Following up on the 2004 season, Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2 adds all the new stats required of a year 2005 game, including three new teams: the Softbank Hawks, the Rakuten Eagles and the Orix Buffalos. Konami has also added a new mode of play called "Senshu Play" (Player Play) mode. This mode lets you put yourself in the shoes of one player for the length of a game. You'll view the game from the perspective of the player, both when batting and when on defense. It's all an attempt at recreating the experience of being on the field, an idea which came to the game's developers as the Konami company team faced off against a team consisting of the editors of Famitsu at Osaka Dome. Outside of this new mode of play, you'll also find a modified "Spirits Mode." This player building mode is now card-based. In the Spirit Mode training menu, you select cards to pair up players for practice and to set a practice session. Your choices end up changing a player's abilities significantly.

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