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Phantasy Star Online PC

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Genre: Online RPG
Publisher: SEGA

Phantasy Star Online, Sega's revolutionary Dreamcast RPG, comes to the PC in all its glory. Create and lead your character on a quest through fantastic science-fiction locales on a quest to discover the source of the explosion that destroyed a space colony. Battle all manner of dungeon denizens with a combination of magic and real-time combat. Meet and interact with other players from all over the world.The PC version of Phantasy Star Online is very similar to its Dreamcast incarnation, with near-identical character models and environments.Your planet is dying. To escape, the citizens of your world construct two gigantic spaceships and strike out in search of a new home. Pioneer 1, the lead vessel, finds a suitable world named Ragol and sets up a settlement there. However, when Pioneer 2 arrives, an unexplained explosion rocks Ragol and destroys the colony. You are sent by your government to determine what happened.You create a party from various character classes and races, and proceed to explore dungeons and forests, hacking up monsters and finding items. Typical RPG elements such as experience levels, magic spells and new weapons abound. Real-time combat makes up the bulk of game play. The innovative and addictive online functionality enables you to interact with players from all over the world in the game's many exotic locations. Use the Dreamcast keyboard to type messages or use other in-game messaging systems. There is also a single-player mode.

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