Parappa The Rapper 2 Box Art
E for Everyone: Comic Mischief

Parappa The Rapper 2 PS2

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Genre: Music

The first PARAPPA THE RAPPA revolutionized the video game world with its emphasis on gamer creativity, music, and non-violent gameplay. Well, the adorable rapping puppy has returned to action, and this time he's got new motivation for busting his wicked rhymes: It seems that a wicked group of super-villains known as the Noodle Group wants to transform all of the world's hamburgers into pasta. Take on the role of title character, rapping your way through eight massive levels of adventure in 128-bit glory. The animation style that turned so many heads in the original PARAPPA gets a slight upgrade, though the 2D characters and 3D backgrounds still combine to yield the same unique look. Rhythm-based gameplay provides dozens of unique challenges for gamers of all ages (really, this one's for adults and kids alike), putting memory and coordination skills to the test. There are plenty of single-player thrills, though this is one great game to play with a friend.

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