O'Leary Manager 2000 Box Art

O'Leary Manager 2000 Gbc

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Genre: Sports
Publisher: Ubisoft

Endorsed by one of the most respected and exciting English Premiership managers today this is the opportunity that every footie fan dreams of.Get to manage over 240 real teams from the top two divisions in six European countries! Cool, I hear you say, but hold on, before you don your shaggy old sheepskin coat and cover your self in chunky gold chains, there's more. The sheepskin comes off and yes, you guessed it, the boots and shin pads are coming out. Just like the Player Manager hero of the comic books, Roy of the Rovers, you also get to play in the games. So, get out there. Make that ball yours! Keep with him! Catch them on the break. And don't forget: it's a game of two halves!.

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