Nintendo Pennant Chase Baseball Box Art
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Nintendo Pennant Chase Baseball Gcn

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Genre: Sports
Publisher: Nintendo

From the developer of World Series Baseball 2K2 and 2K3 and publishing powerhouse Nintendo comes this GameCube exclusive baseball title. Nintendo Pennant Chase Baseball licenses Major League Baseball players and ballparks, with real statistical tracking, for a simulation take on America's favorite pastime. The game, packed full of unique play modes, should nicely complement Nintendo's Mario Baseball franchise. Have just 10 minutes to play a game? Speed Play is for you. Play lightning-fast games with the full ability to pitch and hit, while the fielding outcome is quickly determined. For those with more time, Rookie of the Year Mode is a new way to play through a Major League Baseball season. This is RPG baseball. Start out creating a rookie and adding him to your favorite Major League Baseball team.

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