NHL 2K2 Box Art
E for Everyone: Violence

NHL 2K2 Dc

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Genre: Sports
Publisher: SEGA

The hottest game on ice is here, and Sega Sports has made it better than ever. The already powerful hockey series gets some incredible updates, most notably to the computer AI and pure hockey physics. The impressively unique intelligence of individual players leads to more accurate team strategy, and the checks and slap shots are truly hard hitting. Of course, you'll be able to choose your NHL franchise and try to advance through the regular season, into the NHL Playoffs, and on to the Stanley Cup. All of the real arenas and uniforms are here, and so is the action of National Hockey League right down to the fights. If you're a dedicated fan, you'll lave the inclusion of Franchise mode, which allows you to build your team over the course of several seasons, playing GM, coach, and athletes. If the domestic competition doesn't do it for you, choose to play against international teams and see which nationality reigns supreme.

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