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NFL GameDay 2002 PS

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Genre: Sports
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Football games just keep getting better and better, and GAMEDAY 2002 might just be the best one to date. You'll have access to all of the NFL teams, players, uniforms, stadiums, logos, statistics, and more. There are plenty of motion-captured player moves that render the action totally exciting and realistic. What GAMEDAY 2002 brings to the table that it's predecessors haven't, however is a revolutionary physics model that makes the gameplay feel just lime the real thing You'll break shoestring tackles, brush shoulders with the defense, and feel the friction as you run straight through the pile. Impressive AI means the single-player games are just as fun as the multiplayer games (which can accommodate as many as eight players), and the commentary by Dick Enberg and Dan Fouts is spot-on. Updated Training Camp and General Manager modes allow you to sharpen your skills beyond imagination and then use them in multiple seasons with your NFL franchise.

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