MX World Tour: Featuring Jamie Little Box Art
E for Everyone: Mild Lyrics

MX World Tour: Featuring Jamie Little Xbox

Also On: PS3, PS2

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Genre: Racing
Publisher: Crave Entertainment

Female racer and racing commentator Jamie Little lends her voice and riding skills to this MX racing game. MX World Tour allows players hundreds of combinations in creating customized bikes and riders, and features up to four players to race in head-to-head match-ups. All of the bikes can be modified with sick colors, cool stickers and performance upgrades to boost horsepower and handling. Racers execute 'no- handers' or 'nac-nacs' as they make their way through doubles, triples and whoop-de-doos in 32 different competitions on MX World Tour. Players attempt to earn the coveted number one plate, signifying the top of the world rankings, without getting DQ'ed along the way. Jamie Little, the hottest commentator in motor sports, races against players and provides in-race commentary

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