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Must. Eat. Birds. iOS

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Genre: Action
Publisher: Mediatonic

Must.Eat. Birds. takes place during the perfect garden picnic. Nomster is happily enjoying an array of fabulous cakes when an army of jealous parachuting birds launches an unprovoked attack. Hastily constructing a slingshot from his cutlery, Nomster bravely launches clones of himself at the invading avians to protect his precious cupcakes, sponges and Battenburgs.

Must. Eat. Birds. features play mechanics that combine the classic defend-the-bases design of Missile Command with the ball-bouncing physics of Breakout, providing a score-based game where timing your Nomster launches is critical to maximising combo hits as multiple birds make their descent. With OpenFeint integration, Must. Eat. Birds. allows players to track their scores with their friends and enemies alike.

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