Moorhuhn 2: Die Jagd Geht Weiter Box Art

Moorhuhn 2: Die Jagd Geht Weiter PS

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Genre: Hunting
Publisher: Ravensburger Interactive Media GmbH

Sequel to the German mainstream game phenomenon. Once a point-and-click Flash game used in an alcoholic beverage marketing campaign, Moorhuhn translatesto "grouse" (a wild bird). The concept is simple: use your controller, a mouse, or hook up up to two ligh gun peripherals to shoot down the annoying chickens. Features a high score leaderboard, intelligent enemies that try to avoid getting blasted (as opposed to the ones in the original game), mini games such as "Die spinnen, die Spinnen" (="Those spiders are nuts"), "Hau das Moorhuhn" (="Punch the Grouse"), "98 Moorballons" und "Memoory Huhn."

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