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Genre: Persistent Online RPG
Publisher: Gamepot

For thousands of years, warriors have been fighting an endless war against monsters throughout the various continents of Mir. As a result of the wars, warriors were able to spread their influence by conquering the forests, rivers, and mountains that were previously overtaken and corrupted by fearsome monsters.

War clouds are hanging over this land of myth and secret. Humans are defying their gods as they use their developing abilities of advanced technology and organized warfare to seek out domination over each others' realms. When a huge earthquake raised a mountain that divided the factions, a new town was built in its shadow. They called their new home Bichon. 20 years of calm followed, and the townspeople created a capital and finally relax when trouble began anew. The vengeful Oma Tribe members began to appear once again. In a massive effort, people gathered and started to dig through the huge mountain that blocked their way to the other side of the continent. They were able to find an opening leading through the mountain. The people were relieved to know that they would now be able to travel to the other side. Many townspeople began to rush carelessly through the cave not caring what was ahead of them. They were quickly swallowed up by the deadly maze-like caverns filled with unknown creatures. With no time to spare the townspeople asked their warriors to venture forth and clear out the cavern.{\n}Now, these select warriors carry the lives of all the townspeople living in Bichon upon their shoulders. A long and dangerous adventure awaits these six brave warriors throughout the continent of Mir. However, no one knows how their journey will end.

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