Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing Box Art
T for Teen: Blood, Animated Violence, Suggestive Themes

Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing PS2

Also On: Xbox

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Genre: Sports
Publisher: Codemasters

Players choose to step into the ring as of one of 16 currently active professional or 4 custom boxers in this realistic heavyweight boxing simulation. Designed as a complete sports action game that will appeal to both boxing enthusiasts and video game fans alike, Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing brings the heavyweight division to brutal reality with its gritty graphics and dazzling animation engine. Also boasting a unique - unlock system, players will have the opportunity to earn additional boxers, taunts, themes and signature moves as they move up through the ranks. Best of all, players have the option of assuming the role of the mighty 'Iron' Mike Tyson himself, or taking on his console counterpart for the heavyweight championship title.

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