Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel Box Art
E for Everyone: Mild Violence

Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel Gba

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Genre: RPG
Publisher: Capcom

MEGA MAN BATTLE NETWORK 5: TEAM COLONEL for the Game Boy Advance picks up a month after BATTLE NETWORK 4 ended. A new syndicate, the Nebula, has arisen to try to take over the Internet. In order to stop the Nebula, Mega Man must link up with six other cyber heroes in order to free the segments of the Internet that have fallen under the Nebula's control. All of the enemies in this game are viruses, and each time Mega Man encounters a virus, the game shifts into a grid battlefield in which Mega Man must access Battle Chips for more intense fighting techniques. Besides fighting these viruses, players also have to retrieve stored data and uncover information vital to the quest. As in previous versions of the game, Mega Man can use Soul Unisons to merge with other net-navis (navigators). This ability not only allows Mega Man to have advanced abilities but also changes his appearance. Another item at Mega Man's disposal is the Dark Chip, a dark accessory that will slowly corrupt Mega Man the more he uses it. With more combos and the ability for users to link up with their friends and do battle, MEGA MAN BATTLE NETWORK 5: TEAM COLONEL won't disappoint Mega Man fans. While the complete storyline is only available by playing both MEGA MAN BATTLE NETWORK 5: TEAM COLONEL and MEGA MAN BATTLE NETWORK 5: TEAM PROTOMAN, seeing Mega Man in action again is well worth it.

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