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Lost Continents PC

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Genre: Persistent Online RPG
Publisher: TBA

The world of Lost Continents is a massively multiplayer environment taken from the pages of pulp adventures. It's the kind of place you might see a rugged hero brave untold dangers in an ancient temple, or a tough heroine pitted against the machinations of a mad scientist. In Lost Continents, you face new and ancient dangers while exploring lost cities and temples in tradional pulp adventure settings.Create your character and interact with other players in this adventurous setting. Though many players share the same world, each character gets her own space in the form of "Private Zones" - key game locations that split off from the massively multiplayer world as they are entered. This gives individual characters and parties freedom to explore the game's developing storyline on their own terms, and reduces negative MMORPG behaviors such as camping. Your actions shape your own version the gameworld and story as well. Development of this project was put on hold on May 11, 2002.

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