Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative Box Art
E for Everyone: Realistic Violence

Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative PC

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Genre: Persistent Online Simulation
Publisher: 3DO

It is a dark time. A massive cataclysm has left the universe in shambles and only the 3 factions of the Reconstruction Initiative can bring order and stability to the cosmos. Unsteady alliances form but the threat of the alien Conflux hangs heavy in the air. As an intrepid adventurer you must pick your faction then outfit and upgrade your ship and hone your fighter pilot skills to join with other real-life friends (and foes) in an exciting unscripted outer space adventure where you are the story. Jumpgate is a Massively Multiplayer Online Space flight Simulation with an incredibly rich and varied story line as well as realtime space flight and combat.

As you play the game you not only fly and fight, but you team up with others to actually re-create a universe with all that such an enterprise entails. You will interact with squadron members and wayward travelers, struggle to stay on course in the face of solar storms, and battle mysterious human and alien adversaries.

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