Guilty Gear X Box Art
T for Teen: Suggestive Themes

Guilty Gear X Gba

Also On: Dc, PS2, PC, Arcade

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Release Date:
Genre: Fighting
Publisher: Sammy Corporation

Guilty Gear X sticks closely to the original formula, placing entertaining fighting tactics alongside brilliant graphics and fast paced action. 14 characters, which have all captivated fans of Guilty Gear and Guilty Gear X for years, make a good looking debut on Gameboy Advance, plus even more are hidden throughout the game.

Guilty Gear features 7 completely different modes; Versus and Arcade Mode, 3 on 3 Mode and Tug Mode which have been developed exclusively for the GBA and Survival Mode, a popular mode taken from the Dreamcast version. The handy Training Mode is also available to practise basic controls and techniques and finally the Option Mode enables the player to create their own exclusive characters.{\n}The GBA version also features an Instant Kill option, allowing the player to instantly defeat the opponent in a single blow, creating intense, fast gameplay.

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