Grandia Xtreme Box Art
T for Teen: Mild Animated Violence

Grandia Xtreme PS2

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Genre: RPG
Publisher: Enix

It was back in the days of Saturn that we first saw GameArts legendary Grandia series. Making it?s debut on Sega Saturn way back in 1997, the series since then has taken off and is recognized along side Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger as an amazing franchise. After the release of Grandia II on Dreamcast and the PS2 release that followed, GameArts decided to go at the series again with Grandia Xtreme. Placed in the role of a young boy named Evan, players must solve the mystery of the recent wave of natural disasters (elemental overdrives) hitting the town. After letting your part of three together (Sgt. Brandol, Teit, Lutina and Miam) players set out.

Unlike other games in the Grandia series, Grandia Xtreme features randomly generated dungeons. Of course the game still stays true to its roots by featuring an amazing battle system. The battle system in GX has been refined though. Featuring a clock in place of a bar for the IP gauge and the ability to master new techniques in real-time while fighting, Grandia Xtreme puts the innovation of battle to a whole new level.

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