Forbidden Forest Box Art
T for Teen:

Forbidden Forest PC

Also On: C64

Game not yet released
Release Date:
Genre: Action
Publisher: Control Maynard

You're all alone. It's a cold winter's night. Suddenly, out of a cloak of darkness springs a ghastly pair of ghouls - looking to make you one of them. Your heart races as you draw back an arrow. Keep your wits about you... steady, aim and fire! Remember, accuracy counts! Be on the alert for giant amphibians, fire-breathing dragons, gigantic killer bees, enormous snakes, insidious spiders, and monstrous owls, all looking for their next meal. Will it be you?

This 3D update to the Commodore 64 horror classic lets players explore 100 levels of a haunted forest, crawling with nasty creatures inspired by the original.

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