Dynasty Tactics Box Art
T for Teen: Animated Violence, Realistic Violence

Dynasty Tactics PS2

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Genre: Turn-Based Strategy
Publisher: KOEI

The object of the game is to conquer 60 cities throughout China. In between battles, you'll move your armies on the classic RoTK map. The story will change depending on the route you take to victory or defeat. You'll be able to move multiple armies at once on the map screen and give each of them orders to carry out different missions. To increase your number of officers, you can hire new ones or capture the officers of your enemy. Diplomatic missions might enable you to cross allied territory or call an end to hostility. You'll also be able to use spies to soften up enemy defenses or get officers to defect to your side. The infantry units you'll use in battle are divided into footmen, archers, cavalry, and specialized troops. Each of those categories has multiple stages of progression. For instance, once your archers gain enough experience, they can become longbowmen or crossbowmen, followed by marine and arbalest.

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