Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers Box Art
E for Everyone: Mild Animated Violence

Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers Gcn

Also On: N64, PS, Gbc, PS2, Dc, PS3

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Genre: Platformer
Publisher: Ubisoft

Daisy, a world famous reporter, is kidnapped while on special assignment to discover what danger is going on inside Merlock?s Ancient Temple. Donald runs amuck, gets hyper and goes berserk in this hilarious quest to rescue Daisy, with each turn bringing a new element of surprise. Donald must defeat the evil magician, Merlock, and act fast to reach Daisy before his cousin Gladstone can steal her away. A Game that Mimics a Cartoon: Amazing 3D graphics, zany sound effects and Donald?s unmistakable voice. Master Donald?s Explosive Temper!: Collect power-ups to prevent Donald?s mood from turning from Happy and Hyper to Berserk and Angry. Action-Packed and Hilarious Gameplay: Confront wacky characters and obstacles throughout your journey to find and defeat Merlock and rescue Daisy. Disney?s Classic Characters: Donald Duck, Daisy, Huey, Dewy and Louie, Gyro Gearloose, Merlock the Magician and more. 22 Levels in 4 Cartoon-like Worlds: The City of Duckburg, Magica de Spell?s Haunted Manor, Duckie Mountain and Merlock?s Ancient Inca Temple. Unlock Extra Features: like the Nephews? Special Moves Challenge and Gyro?s Outfit Maker.

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