Dark Souls III Box Art
M for Mature: Blood, Violence

Dark Souls III PS4

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Genre: Role Playing Game (RPG)
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America

The next chapter of the Dark Souls saga returns with Dark Souls III. Developer FromSoftware returns to create a new blighted world for players to explore.

Dark Souls III Screenshots

  • Dark Souls III PS4 Screenshot/image/76395/da770bbe363dff54955c2168b52dd962.jpg?s=200x125
  • Dark Souls III PS4 Screenshot/image/76395/ac188f021afde4738bf75354d4fa8a7d.jpg?s=200x125
  • Dark Souls III PS4 Screenshot/image/76395/246d88bb9147511d62d8c3300afdff92.jpg?s=200x125
  • Dark Souls III PS4 Screenshot/image/76395/b43b67880fef6e9d8bc865421f5cfc14.jpg?s=200x125
  • Dark Souls III PS4 Screenshot/image/76395/78f39df065ce93ed36685883c20c6062.jpg?s=200x125
  • Dark Souls III PS4 Screenshot/image/76395/4e3edc7ad0734c80fc63113b456431ee.jpg?s=200x125
  • Dark Souls III PS4 Screenshot/image/76395/6f26c506a3792530412ea762d1280476.jpg?s=200x125
  • Dark Souls III PS4 Screenshot/image/76395/46e2c01fdbbae491343f230da7e8c53a.jpg?s=200x125
  • Dark Souls III PS4 Screenshot/image/76395/5289e86711cb139131088c320f022195.jpg?s=200x125
  • Dark Souls III PS4 Screenshot/image/76395/3902c2817acb560d10100d0858c83f88.jpg?s=200x125
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