Colosseum: Road to Freedom Box Art
M for Mature: Realistic Blood, Realistic Violence

Colosseum: Road to Freedom PS2

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Genre: Third-Person Action
Publisher: KOEI

Step back into the throws of time and into the amphitheaters of Rome as a hungry gladiator in Colosseum: Road to Freedom. Master fighting techniques and prepare for combat at the gladiatorial training grounds, and use the points earned there to strengthen your character's stats and abilities. Fight to the death in six types of battles (including Survival, Battle Royal, Duel, Team Battle, Hunting, and Mock Battle) and purchase and sell a broad array of weapons, shields, helmets, and body armor. Along the way, you'll encounter a cast of true-to-life characters and famous gladiators of the period, as you dodge, parry, attack, and execute your opponent with whatever weapons and items you can find. Players can even create their own gladiator personality based on their place of origin, philosophy, and belief system!

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