Colin McRae Rally 3 Box Art
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Colin McRae Rally 3 Xbox

Also On: PS2, PC, Gcn

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Genre: Racing
Publisher: Codemasters

Tipped as one of the most wanted games of 2002, Colin McRae Rally 3's development team is eyeing a level of visual detail that surpasses any other racer. It will provide a breathtaking sense of being on - and off - the road in a fully weighted and authentically functioning Focus WRC.

As well as looking good, Colin McRae Rally 3 will capture the sense of being part of a professional rally team thanks to the close working relationship Codemasters has formed with Ford Racing. Making use of their vast expertise and passion for the sport, Codemasters has unparalleled access and is working directly with the key members of the team responsible for the Ford Focus RS WRC.

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