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Chopper Rescue Cell

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Genre: Action
Publisher: Aim Productions

A helicopter game in the vein of the classic Choplifter series. Like Choplifter the main target of the game is to find and rescue hostages in hostile territories. During these rescue missions you will encounter many enemies trying to prevent you from succeeding. Rocket silo's, various tanks, airplanes, balloons and missiles all stand between you and the salvation of the prisoners. Chopper Rescue also features a survival mode where your sole target is to survive enemy attacks for as long as possible. In both the Story as the Survival mode the game will get significantly tougher as you proceed to higher levels. Chopper Rescue's Story mode spans a total of twentyfive rescue missions in a bunch of different geographical locations. Harbours, deserts, cityscapes and vast jungles...hostages are everywhere, and they do need your help...pilot!

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