Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver Box Art
T for Teen: Mild Animated Violence

Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver Xbox

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Genre: Racing
Publisher: BAM! Entertainment

Stunt games, during the last generation, were a dime-a-dozen. Titles such as Rush and Demolition Derby were just some of the many during the 32-bit era. This generation is different though and, because of this, Bam! Entertainment and I-Imagine Interactive are going to try and fill the stunt void with Chase. In Chase, players take on the role of the young, sexy stuntwoman Chase Corrada as she tries to break into the movie business as a stunt driver. As Chase, players take her through 23 movie scenes, 5 training missions and four diverse sets (Post Apocalyptic, 1920?s, Spy scene, Asian city). The game also hosts a variety of gameplay modes such as Career, Challenge and multiplayer mini-games as well as tons of crazy over-the-top vehicles.

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