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BlackMoon Chronicles: Winds of War PC

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Genre: Persistent Online RPG
Publisher: AmalGame-Online Inc.

In an ancient and mythical time, when the Emperor Haghendorf reigned over the land of Lhynn, an enigmatic oracle declared a dark and terrifying prophecy: "When the forces of the cosmos are perfectly aligned, the Chosen Ones will scour the land in search of the truth behind their shadowy past. The weight of their presence will be seen and heard throughout the land as they inflict pain, wrath and death on those who stand in the way of their mission."

For generations, many feared the coming of the Chosen Ones who would one day bring an abrupt end to peace and order. But as the years slipped by, the oracle's dreadful forewarning of the fate of Lhynn slowly faded into memory. Until one fateful night...As predicted, on a night that will be forever known as the Night of Screaming Tears, many innocent souls were lost. Fate, however, spared a few fortunate children from a gruesome and untimely death. The two opposing forces of Lhynn - the Alliance and the Black Moon - rescued these children and raised them as members of their respective factions.{\n}After several peaceful decades, the time finally came for the Chosen Ones - now courageous men and women-to defend the honor of their people and protect their territory against opposing factions. The fate of Lhynn is at stake. As the Black Moon mounts its struggle for power, the reigning emperor and his allies fear the worst. The winds of war are raging. Will you side with the Alliance and join the ranks of the Empire, the Order of Light or the Knights of Justice? Or will you follow the dark path of Haazheel Thorn and unite with the Black Moon? Choose carefully and prepare yourself well... the world is on the verge of chaos.{\n}Get ready to explore the lands Lhynn. To start your journey, you will have to choose one of the twelve classes of characters offered among the four factions that compose this fantastic universe. This mmorpg offers a unique gaming experience through its entirely hand-drawn graphics and its storyline inspired by the famous graphic novel Chroniques de la Lune Noire" by François Marcela Froideval.

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