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Automaniacs PS2

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Genre: Action
Publisher: TBA

Automaniacs is a modern-day, anarchic mission-based driving game following the lives of two irascible car thieves. Reluctantly conscripted by local entrepreneurial villain Virgil Finley, the game takes our beleaguered heroes on a journey that can often be viewed as dark and cynical yet at the same time offers immense, often humorous entertainment as our hapless duo embark on the most preposterous of missions.

The game is one of the first to use Pitball Syndicate's new K9 engine, which creates huge, streaming environments, complex physics, and over 100 AI vehicles tracked at once.{\n}This racing game concept was in the works at Pitbull Syndicate. However, priorities shifted when the company was acquired, and although technology developed for the game may be repurposed, Automaniacs is not expected to exist any more in its original incarnation.

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