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Atlantis: The Lost Empire Gbc

Also On: PS, PS3, PSP

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Genre: Platformer
Publisher: THQ

There's a good reason no one's ever been able to find the Lost City of Atlantis, and you're about to find out why. Join all of your favorite characters from the Disney film, ATLANTIS, in this quest for what might be the most elusive city in history. Choose from a list of four characters from the film (yes, Milo is one of them) and set out over land and underwater. Each of the game's 14 action-packed levels will pit you against a new series of obstacles and enemies, and stories from the feature film abound. The visual and thematic feel of the film is replicated in fine form, as the settings and situations are lifted straight from the source material. The animation also mirrors the movie very closely, and the controls are simple enough for gamers of all skill sets to master quickly. Full of fun mini-games and difficult puzzles, DISNEY'S ATLANTIS is handheld gaming that anyone can enjoy.

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