Armada 2: Star Command Box Art
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Armada 2: Star Command Xbox

Also On: Dc, PS2, Gcn

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Genre: Action
Publisher: Metro 3D (M3)

Following the storyline established in the first Armada game for Dreamcast, Armada 2 once again marries the gameplay of a fast-paced 2D shooter with the experience system and plot of an RPG. Driven from Earth by a hostile force known only as The Armada, the six remaining tribes of Earth search for a new home as they're pursued relentlessly throughout the galaxy. The Alliance (made up of Terran, Nomad, Eldred, Scarab, Drakken and the Vorgan tribes) has rallied to crush The Armada once and for all. Players choose to play as either one of the three races, cultivate their own region of space called Guild Space, and encounter their friends online thanks to Xbox Live support.

In development for well over four years (and then listed on release charts for a few years more), Armada 2: Star Command was finally confirmed to have been cancelled for all systems.

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