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Alpine Racer 3 PS2

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Genre: Action
Publisher: Namco

As you hurl yourself off near-vertical drops and lean at seemingly-impossible angles into yet another sharply-cambered bend, with the safety netting flapping in the periphery of your vision, you may just about find time to recognise the runs from the arcade original - as well as many more, created specially for this version. And if that's not enough, there's also a mind-blowing, futuristic man-made course to really test your abilities.

Each course is packed with trackside objects and obstacles that can help or hinder your progress, and you'll even find that weather conditions vary from one run to the next, from clear, bright sunshine to biting blizzards and even the occasional plume of snow from an avalanche. {\n}You'll need all your concentration as you hurtle downhill at blistering speeds, trying to pick the right racing lines and master the bends and jumps; but you'll be pleased to know there's a context sensitive commentary to let you know exactly how well you're doing.

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