Assault Suit Leynos Box Art
E10+ for Everyone 10+: Fantasy Violence, Language, Mild Blood

Assault Suit Leynos PS4

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Genre: Shooter
Publisher: Rising Star Games Inc.

A classic reawakens – Assault Suit Leynos is back and in high definition!

Assault Suit Leynos Screenshots

  • Assault Suit Leynos PS4 Screenshot/image/75495/19420850bc5695c7e46652ba4a57b118.jpg?s=200x125
  • Assault Suit Leynos PS4 Screenshot/image/75495/547c633f0635506d82a5ea0ff22749aa.jpg?s=200x125
  • Assault Suit Leynos PS4 Screenshot/image/75495/46b48bdbcfb74a47c9ed67ca2e7b56e0.jpg?s=200x125
  • Assault Suit Leynos PS4 Screenshot/image/75495/7903f8ab400876c77e1348c7b215a6aa.jpg?s=200x125
  • Assault Suit Leynos PS4 Screenshot/image/75495/c5678256eb9468a4d8027631d96c91ca.jpg?s=200x125
  • Assault Suit Leynos PS4 Screenshot/image/75495/f36595db2d7836c9c961c587128db6e2.jpg?s=200x125
  • Assault Suit Leynos PS4 Screenshot/image/75495/c0c9ee1d493822d57912e808b28cefdc.jpg?s=200x125
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